Beza HIV Prevention and Treatment Health Project

The goal is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS by bringing behavioral change and improving the psychosocial well-being of the target group. Prevention programs, knowledge and wareness raising and life skills trainings, PMTC and VCT will be implemented in order to achieve the results.  Abstinence from premarital sex, delay of first sex, use of condoms properly and consistently will be used as a means to verify whether the desired change has been achieved or not.


  • Sensitization workshop
  • Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)
  • Voluntary Counseling & Testing(VCT)
  • Community Conversation /CC/
  • Prevention of Mothers to Child Transmission(PMTCT)
  • Provision of Iron folic for target pregnant mothers (PLHIV pregnant mother is provided a packet of iron follicle)
  • Peer education
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Establish networks of key preventive services with the local health station/hospital
  • Awareness Raising, Promoting and Consistent use of Condoms among the Most at Risk Population in the Intervention Area/VCT outreach campaign/world AIDS Day;
  • Pregnant mothers conference in every quarter (tri-mister period)
  • Annual Performance review meeting.