The goal is to improve hygiene and sanitation status to reduce diseases that occur due to poor personal and environmental sanitation and preserve the environment


  • Integrate WASH and environmental protection lessons in the school timetable and in the community development program
  • Greening, afforestation and planting of trees in the school compound and in the surrounding community
  • Equip the school and the surrounding the community with tools that will facilitate practicing good hygiene and environmental protection
  • Form school health clubs where pupils and their teachers are taught about personal and environmental hygiene
  • Have a school hygiene management committee consisting of parents and teachers whose function will be to oversee Water, Sanitation and Hygiene status in school.
  • educate households on the importance of practicing good hygiene
  • Organize community clean up days where personal and environmental hygiene are discussed and the community is cleaned up
  • Life skills-based hygiene education
  • Educational materials for students
  • Hygiene practices that give the greatest health benefits;
  • child friendly toilet construction

Parents Committee and Community meetings on WASH & Environmental