Values of BCDA

Justice and Empathy with the Poor

In the world of great affluence and people with full potential to be self reliant, it is absolutely unjust to find people living below poverty line and being degraded by others. It is also equally unjust to discriminated people against sex and other disadvantages. Hence justice and empathy with the disadvantaged in general, and the poor in particular, are Raison d’etre of Beza Community Development Association.

Integrity and Mutual Respect

Beza Community Development Association cannot and will not survive without creating contacts with people and organizations at different level and capacity. Beza Community Development Association believes that such relationships can be maintained and sustained if they are based on mutual respect and integrity.

Team work and Excellence

Beza Community Development Association believes that every human being has the capacity to add value in an organization that fits him/her. Such capacities can be tapped if, and only if, the organization adheres to the principles and procedures of team and quality work enhanced by human resource development. Beza Community Development Association, thus, maintains the values of human resource development, team spirit and excellence in the organization.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Good will and good organization can ensure its survival if it proves to be effective and efficient.