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Tesfanesh Kassie is one of the mothers registered in our pilot project last year. She is a 33 year old single mother who has two children. She has her own small private house in Nefas Mewucha. Both of the children are in our project; Frehiwot Yimer and Mingot Yimer are attending our preschool. Tesfanesh is also actively involving in one of the mothers’ Income Generating Activity Groups (IGA), the Bread baking and Selling Group.

She is divorced and lives with HIV. However Tesfanesh is strong and hard working. Her children are healthy. She is enjoying all the project packages (Children’s preschool; Mothers’ IGA; Food, Clothing and Medical Support for children; Parenting Skills and Health Education).


We forwarded a question what is her reflection about her experience in Beza Mother and Child Project.  She started saying, ”When I knew my health status I was shocked and very much concerned for my children’s fate; thanks God, I joined Beza who is caring about me and helping support my family. The preschool education, snacks/school meals, access to free medical support and clothing provision for my children is changing their lives and bringing hope to my family.”

Tesfanesh said ”Since I start working with my friends in our bread baking group, I am renewed and feeling confident; now I understand I have hope to live and support my children.”…”I am very happy and thankful to Beza which came to me and opened my eyes to see my life differently; I am determined to work hard to bring hope for my lovely children.”

Tesfanesh with her children Mignot and Frehiwot


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