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Tewodros Tesfaye is 14 years old and lives with his mother, two brothers and one sister near shiromeda.  His mother is engaged in selling vegetables in the small market and gains a low income which is from hand to mouth. His father passed away when he was 6 months old.Therefore, he did not know his father. He goes to Diel Betigil primary school and he is in grade 7. His favorite food is rice, his favorite subject is Mathematics and Physics and he wants to be an Engineer in the future.

When he was 11 Years old,suddenly, his elder brother who was attending in grade 9 passed away after 3 days due to an unknown illness. During that time, his mother mourned desperately and suddenly became sick and was admittedto hospital for more than a month. She was found to be largely depressed, an anti-depressant drug was prescribed for her, and she left the hospital after recovery.  This was all because his mother had placed much hope on the boy. At that time life became challenging for Tewodros, his brothers and sister because their daily needs depend onlyupon his mother’s low income which was difficultin addition to his mother’s serious illness.

Before he came to BCDA tutorial class, Tewodros did not like to read or study his lessons at all because of one of his peer group always advised him saying ‘’Reading is not good and it evaporates your previous knowledge.”Due to this reason, his performance was very low and especially Mathematics became the most difficult subject for him. As a result of this, Tewodros did not like mathematics. Fortunately, one of his good friends told him that there is an organization named “BCDA” which provides tutorial support on mathematics and English subjects. Tewodrospromptly decided to join the tutorialgroup and came to the center.

After Tewodros joined BCDA, during a tutorial class, the Educational social worker told students about the general truth concerning mathematics saying,‘’Mathematics is the game of mind with numbers and it is not the subject of memorization rather it is the subject of action (practice).” From this, Tewodros has developed an interest and became highly motivated. According to him, “I like the way the volunteers and social workers taught i.e. their approach, methodology, and motivation to help us.” In addition to this, he said, “I feltlike I am at my home, happy and free to express my ideas when I am here at the center”.  This time, Tewodrosnot only developed an interest in mathematics but he has also developed the habit of reading and also scored high-grade rank in his school.

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