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Hymanot  Deribe is 15 years old and a grade 10 student learning in EntotoAmba School. She lives with her mother around Mount Entoto. She has one elder sister who is attending Addis Ababa University (AAU), School of Pharmacy. She did not know her father but her mom told her he lives elsewhere because they were divorced when she was a child. Her favorite food is “Dorowot” (Ethiopian chicken stew) and her favorite subjects are math and chemistry. Hymanot started receiving service from BCDA 6 years ago. Her mother was engaged in daily work before BCDA started the jewelry making business six years ago. By the time her mother got the chance of recruitment to be included in the jewelry making women’s group who are living with HIV virus around Mount Entoto under BCDA support, her mother was trained with those women on how to make jewelry.  However, Haymanot’s mother couldn’t continue to stay in the program because of serious sickness. However, her mother got another chance under the Women’s Empowerment Program last year (2014). 

Hymanot continued to attend the children’s educational support project. After Hayimanot started to attend the tutorial class, she explained that she did not like mathematics because her math teacher was so fast while teaching and she was unable to follow and understand the steps in detail. But to change the perception of Hymanot towards math subject, the social workers and volunteers repeatedly gave her an assignment after the tutorial class for a couple of weeks and gave her a small gift for her commitment. Through time, her situation has shifted and started to be more interested in math than other subjects. According to her, ‘’I like doing mathematics better than any other subject of my study because of the support from BCDA. I also I like to come to BCDA because it is the right place to learn everything. The reason is that I am getting support from BCDA with the material support, educational field trips which helped me to be refreshed and spend memorable moments with my friends. In addition, I got tutorial support that makes me understand difficult subjects in a more relaxed way of teaching from volunteers.”

Today, Hymanot is one of the outstanding students in her school and in the tutorial class. Her inclination is to be a medical specialist because she is interested to be a researcher to find a treatment for diabetics and HIV/AIDS because she said that there is no curative drug for these diseases and as a result of these, many people whom she knew lost their life. In this year, Hymanot has planned to use her time efficiently in order to score a good grade in her exam that makes her mom happy.

BCDA Entoto Women Empowerment Project