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Asaya is a resident of Nefas Mewucha Town, she is a 25 year old Muslim married lady. Both she and her husband are HIV sufferers, her husband is sick and often bed ridden- so she takes the responsibility to care for her family. She didn’t get the chance of any form of education. The family lives in one small rented room. Their income per month at the start of the project was approximately 50 birr, Seydu became a project beneficiary at the age of 2, and additionally there is a 7 year old.

Asya explained her situation shortly after joining the project ”Chance brought difficult challenges in my life; me and my family are suffering because of hunger and HIV. Basic needs including daily meals are commonly denied in our home. There is no hope in my children’s future.”

Now 2 years later Asya explained her situation: She is a member of the cotton spinning group. The group worked hard and got nearly 4000 Ethiopian Birr last quarter and income of 240 Ethiopian birr per mother. Additionally the group was able to save 60 Ethiopian birr. She told us ..” more than the money I value the good social relationship with my group. Before I stayed at home without any job which made me socially isolated. Now I learned many lessons. If we are working hard & utilize the opportunities & resource provided by Beza we will have a bright future.”

Asaya shared how she had benefited from the projects holistic care. “I have not words to express the changes in my 5 year old son Seydu: his clothing status, health treatment & especially in his social skills. 2 years ago he could not talk, now he is very active & communicate easily with everyone.  I praise God/Allah/ for that!”

BCDA Entoto Women Empowerment Project