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Hana Alemu is a 34 year’s old married mother. Both Hana and Endale Godena (her husband) are living with HIV. They have four children (M-2 & F-2). All their children are free from HIV infection. They are currently living in Entoto Mountain in a small rented home.  She lives with her family and was supporting herself and her family by selling Ethiopian traditional cloths and different jewelry items that are locally made.

What does she think about the program? It has been very important for her and her family daily living. Before she joined BCDA’s Entoto women empowerment program, she was engaged in daily labor and could not able to support her family because of low income. Once she joined the program, she got different capacity building trainings such as basic SHG formation, business identification, and the concept & importance of saving, health education trainings and others.     

What other benefits does she get from the program? In the project Income Generating Activities (IGA), she has started to gain money through her own individual business. She has received seed money to start her business. She is active and recently selling Ethiopian traditional cloths and different jewelry items. This time, she is fully fulfilling her children’s need.

What did you use the profit for? For household needs. She was also able to save to expand her business

What do you expect in the future? In future, when the IGA strengthens she says “I can expand my business change mine & my family’s life with the help of the project through loan”. When the mothers begin to see the benefit of the project for their children they engage properly. “Other community members want to join the BCDA Entoto program” she says  ...“Other organizations are giving food and providing a hand to mouth support, but not empowering mothers to change their lives”.  She thinks in the future her business may become very profitable.

What would she like to say to the donors? “I am very happy with the donors help. But practically if they saw face to face how my life has life had changed they would be so encouraged. This is not a simple thing she says!”

BCDA Entoto Women Empowerment Project