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Tigist Legese is a 30 years old from the current target women. She lives in Addis Ababa, around Mount Entoto, specifically near Saint Mary Church with her two daughters. Her daughters are Kelemua Girma 18 years old who is a grade 8 student and Sintayehu Tesfaye, 15 years old who is a grade 7 student. Both are medium learners/achievers. Originally, Tigist used to live in North Shoa, Amhara regional state (country side) during her early years. She left her original birth place and came to Addis Ababa in search of an alternative job opportunity. As soon as she arrived Addis Ababa she found nothing and things became worse and she went for a few days without eating. She tried to do her best to survive and she got a temporary job opportunity as a daily labor i.e. maid servant earning 300.00 ETB per month which is really difficult for her to feed herself and her family members. She also disclosed for the social worker that she has been living with the virus (HIV/AIDS) since 2010. As Tigist said, she used to live in a life with complicated social and economic problems and BCDA helped/supported her and saved her and her family. Tigist is one of our target women in Cooperation for Development SHG.  BCDA provided seed money to start up her individual business. This time, she is engaged in selling tea and bread. Her monthly income at this time is 600.00 ETB. Within this short period of time, her income is increasing and her business is improving from day to day. Therefore, her being HIV positive hasn’t hindered her from running her own business. Tigist appreciated the women Empowerment program in every support to make her improve her livelihood. She wants to have a mini-restaurant of her own in the long run.

BCDA Entoto Women Empowerment Project